Monday, November 5, 2012

SITE UPDATE: Welcome to The COSMIC Spirit - Restructuring of Online Research!

For sometime now, I wanted to divide my online research into two parts, firstly on an online news magazine and secondly in another area that deals exclusively with in-depth analysis. When I initially created The ALIEN Project, my main focus was on the latter, exploring alternative modes of  thinking and discernment by questioning everything, from a different paradigm with a intellectual and modern cosmological perspective. A vision to awaken the unconscious mind from the false theories and distorted views of the universe, challenging the consensual reality of religious literalism in the devolutionary matrix construct by connecting fragments of cosmic events, science, myths, symbols, news stories and popular culture.

Somewhere along the way, that original thought to create an inquiry into  multitudinous scientific assumptions, religious doctrine and questionably entrenched theories, was never properly fulfilled or executed. However, diversions from a course or purpose, often formulates part of the evolutionary learning process within the holographic reality. Divergence into new areas of understanding, seemingly parallel to the "fractalized" archetypes, complicated synchronicities, and innumerable neuro-linguistic patterns embedded in the subconscious mind; can fundamentally result in the fusion of ostensibly disintegrating concepts, coalescing and converging into a singular configuration.

As such, The ALIEN Project website will be restructured into just article form as The COSMIC Spirit, driven by thought-provoking ideas about humanity's devolved framework; the hidden agenda of the Priest Class of the Magi; the electric force and magnetic fields of the universe; the orchestrated obfuscation of the original divine science into the adherence of extraneous religious dogma; the confluence and effects of our star, Sol, with the Sirius star system; cosmic catastrophism, cycles and disastrous celestial events; and the emergence of a new genesis of humanity.

The news and link features will be shifted to The CELESTIAL Convergence, that will present reports and videos on Extraterrestrial Disclosure, the Alien/UFO Phenomena, Earth Changes, the Paranormal, Geological Upheavals and the Pole Shift - manifested events coalescing and converging around the cyclic alignment in 2012 and beyond.

As the proponents of the Electric Universe suggested that there are no isolated objects in the universe, that all particles are connected, so will the two sites be.

The link for the The CELESTIAL Convergence is at:

Please bear with me as I rearrange my online research presence.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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